Acrylic Nail & Gel Polish Aftercare Advice

Please use cuticle oil twice a day!  I cannot stress how important it is! If you want pretty nails, you need to care for them in between appointments. Brush it on the cuticle area and massage into the nail and surrounding skin. 

Never use your nail extensions as tools - treat them the way you would your natural nails. They may feel stronger but they don't take much punishment! 

If your enhancements break, DO NOT try and repair them yourself. Superglue isn't made for nails, and even nail glue should never be used on an unsanitised nail! Call me immediately, try to keep the nail dry and keep it away from dirt etc to reduce the risk of infection.

Do not bite, pick at or file your extensions - this could weaken them and cause lifting and damage to the natural nail.

Wear gloves when gardening, washing up or using household detergents to avoid lifting, infection and discolouration.

Avoid intense heat for at least 24hrs after having Gel poilsh applied - no sauna or sunbed.

If excessive lifting can be seen, please call me as soon as possible to determine what needs to be done. Water and dirt can get under the lifting and cause a bacterial infection. If you see any odd colour underneath the extension (yellow, green, brown, black etc) that has not been caused by staining of nail polish/food/fake tan etc, contact me ASAP. This indicates a bacterial infection and the enhancement must be removed , the nail cleansed and product reapplied to rectify the problem. If any adverse reactions occur (rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails) please contact me immediately to arrange removal.

Do not try to remove the enhancements yourself. I cannot stress this enough. Picking the product off the natural nail can cause a lot of unnecessary damage. Please contact me to arrange an appointment so that I can remove them properly for a reasonable price.

Tinted lotions, suncreams, hair products and even food (curry/beetroot/oranges etc) can discolour your extensions so it is preferable that you use gloves to protect them. I am not responsible for discolouration of the nail. If you simply must try to whiten your enhancements, don't use bleach! Use lemon juice as it is a natural bleaching agent.

Whilst on holiday, sun creams and mosquito repellents can contain DEET and Lanolin. These are damaging to Enhancements/Gel Polish, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after using them.

Last, but not least, do not miss your regular maintenance appointments! They are there to ensure your nails stay looking at their best. Maintenance should be between every 2-3 weeks. If you do not maintain them regularly, you risk causing damage as your enhancements will be unbalanced.

How Long Will My Enhancements Last? 

The less pressure put on your new nails, the longer they will last. Just playing with a paper clip by bending it back and forth will eventually break it, so will your nails. They can only take so much pressure before they crack and/or break so treat your new nails with the same care that you would if your natural nails were the same length. Remember nail enhancements are extensions of your own nail and not a nail transplant.

Your new enhancements will need to be maintained every 2 to 3 weeks, One Love gel polish ideally every 2 weeks. Maintenance work includes re-filing and re-shaping of the nail, repair of any breakage, cracking, or lifting, fill-in and re-balance of new growth, and colour, if desired. By having your nails regularly maintained, you will avoid most of the problems associated with artificial enhancements.